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Model Portability Landmark

WfMC announced last week the BPMN Model Portability Validation test. This is a test that certifies that a BPM diagram, of a specified complexity, can be accurately exchanged between tools that have passed the test. The test starts with a … Continue reading

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Webinar on Dynamic BPM

Made presentation on a new push Fujitsu is making in Dynamic BPM today, together with Clay Richardson of Forrester. The best review is from Sandy Kemsley.  Here is a link to access a Recording of the Webinar.

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Jamendo: Success Story for Creative Commons

I was so impressed by Jamendo, a free music site, that I meant to write a summary, but here I am a year later finally getting around to it. I was researching “Creative Commons” licenses. I found that a number … Continue reading

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Model Portability is No Accident

A process design ecosystem demands a reliable way to transfer the process definitions between tools.¬† Bruce Silver’s post on Model Portability in BPMN 2.0 is very timely indeed. What he demonstrates is four different modeling tools, drawing BPMN diagrams, writing … Continue reading

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“BPM In Practice” in San Diego

On March 26, 2009 I will be participating in another “BPM in Practice” seminar in San Diego. This full day event will explore workflow and BPM from a number of different points of view. We start with the basic, advance … Continue reading

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Wisdom and Business Processes

Interesting link for the day. Barry Schwartz talks about wisdom and what it means to do a good job. Barry Schwartz on our Loss of Wisdom The reason I link it here is because everything he says is very applicable … Continue reading

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