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Mastering the Unpredictable: How Adaptive Case Management Will Revolutionize the Way That Knowledge Workers Get Things Done

by Keith D. Swenson,  foreword by Connie Moore, 11 other  contributors

For executives and managers of knowledge workers, Mastering the Unpredictable explains why previous trends don’t meet the needs of knowledge workers, how new technology that is coming will fill the gap, and equips them to best take advantage of this evolving trend. The work of a knowledge worker is by its nature unpredictable and can not be handled by more formalized process definition techniques. Peter F Drucker has said “Knowledge worker productivity is the biggest of the 21st century management challenges. In the developed countries it is their first survival requirement.” The facilitation of the knowledge workers and knowledge work, what is increasingly known as Case Management, represents the next imperative in office automation. Jim Sinur says “Advancing to support more knowledge work is the goal of many organizations”. Connie Moore claims: “a sea change is coming in the process world.” Be prepared, the benefits will be to those agile and quick enough to take advantage of this new situation.

BPM In Practice; A Primer for BPM and Workflow Standards

Considering a BPM or workflow implementation? Looking to boost marketability and industry credentials? Burnt by BPM and need to hear from the experts? “BPM in Practice: A Primer on BPM & Workflow Standards” is the right starting place for understanding the most important standards including Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), XML Process Definition Language (XPDL), Business Process
April 2008
Articulate Error Handling

Articulate Error Handling

Everyone has heard of SOA and Web Services but few have actual experience in developing in these environments, and nobody has the luxury of learning these lessons by trial and error; this book presents succinct and well-considered guidelines for handling error messages that will produce applications that are easier to maintain, and more comfortable for users.
March 2008

The Difference Between Workflow and BPR

In 1995, the “Business Process Reengineering” movement was at its height, and was about half the way through the cycle from new concept to disillusionment. At that point in tim e the movement was probably at the height of inflated expectations. Seemingly, everyone wanted BPR as a management discipline to improve organizations. Office productivity vendors naturally focused on technology that might help management to do this. A lot of workflow products (we would now call them Business Process Management Suites) climbed on the BPR bandwagon. This tutorial covers the topics of BPR and workflow; what aspects of workflow can help BPR, and finally concludes with a set of capabilities, called “Collaborative Planning”, that are missing, and will need to be developed before the real potential of a facilitated office can be realized.
September 1995

3 Responses to Books

  1. nick gogerty says:


    I am interested in modelling property registration processes in an open format. any thoughts on tools that may be out there, that have extremely low learning curves and heavy GUI front ends.


  2. Kristel says:


    I would like to arrange social BPM training. To which email I could send you more information?


  3. jiayun says:

    I purchased the Kindle version of Mastering the Unpredictable, and I want to buy some books on lulu, but I prefer ebook instead of paperback. Could you please provide the ebook purchase option on lulu?

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