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Introducing the Web T-Link

The concept is simple: you want to make a web reference (HTML link) to an other web resource, but you don’t want that link to go bad.  This requires a web link, with just a little bit of smarts on … Continue reading

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Social Business: Identity and Reputation

Social Software is turning the idea of identity on it head.  Actually this is a trend that has been happening for long time, but it is being thrust into the public consciousness by the desire now to bring social systems into the … Continue reading

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AIIM2012 Clay Shirky Keynote

I was really looking forward to the keynote by Clay Shirky, and I was not disappointed.  The title of his talk was “To Make Sense of Data, First Make Sense of People“.

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Cloud User’s Bill of Rights

Want users to use your cloud-based web site?  Follow these guidelines, so that users can sign up easily and use it.  Sadly, there are soooo many ways that web sites can do this wrong.  The result is a bewildering variety … Continue reading

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The Anti-SSL Conspiracy

This post is about secure internet protocols, and mainly about a bizarre phenomenon that prevents us from using SSL security in many situations where it would be useful. What is bizarre is that I don’t think anyone intends it, but … Continue reading

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Putting Your Toys Away

You know that book on how everything important is learned in Kindergarten?  Along that same line, before I got into Kindergarten, my mother taught me to that if I put my toys away, I will be able to find them … Continue reading

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Page First, Then E-Mail, Please

I am currently working with a number of local community groups; my role is typically to get people using Web2.0 technologies to make us more efficient.  This is surprisingly difficult. One group I an involved in recently put on a … Continue reading

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