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Models and Organizations Don’t Mix

This another installment in the series pointing out the problems with using a hand-drawn business process model.  The last post was how a business process model fails in the promise to be easier than programming.  Even if you get past … Continue reading

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Why Does Digital Transformation Need Case Management?

A platform for digital transformation brings a number of different capabilities together: processes, agents, integration, analytics, decisions, and — perhaps most important — case management.  Why case management?  What does that really bring to the table and why is it … Continue reading

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bpmNEXT Keynotes

Talks by Nathaniel Palmer, Jim Sinur, Neil Ward-Dutton, Clay Richardson kick off this bell weather event in the process industry.  The big theme is digital transformation.

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Opening Keynote EDOC 2014: Wil van der Aalst

Wil van del Aalst, the foremost expert in workflow and process mining, spoke this morning on the overlap between Data Science and Business Process, and showed how process mining is the super glue between them.  What follows is the notes … Continue reading

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Wirearchy – a pattern for an adaptive organization?

What is a Wirearchy?  How does it work?  When should it be considered?  When should it be avoided?  What are the advantages?  This post covers the basics elements of a Wirearchy.

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BPM and Case Management Summit 2014

Here are some notes from this years BPM & Case Management Summit in Washington DC.

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Absolutely Self-Managed Workers

Why not get rid of management entirely? That was the thesis of Doug Kirkpatrick’s talk at the Building Business Capability conference this week about the Morning Star Company, a company which has tried the radical approach of being entirely flat, … Continue reading

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BPMNext Notes

A collection of notes of presentations from bpmNEXT.

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Steve White on BPMN at BPM2012

Steve White gave a keynote speech at the BPM2012 conference this morning on the history and development of BPMN.  He has been the driving force for BPMN from the beginning, chairing the development committee for many years, and he is … Continue reading

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ACM Awards Finalists

The WfMC announced the finalists in the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management.  The actual awards will be announced and presented on June 6th at the ACM Live online event.  If you are interested in how use cases … Continue reading

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