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Human BPM vs. Case Management, Summit Nov 3

There might be three distinct kinds of process support necessary: 1) System Centric Processes 2) Human Centric Processes 3) Knowledge Worker Processes

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Human Process: Email Voting

The BPMN specification includes a sample process to use as an example of how you would use BPMN to draw the process and how it would then be converted to BPEL. Bruce Silver has suggested that this be used as … Continue reading

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Human Process: Trouble Ticket

With all the talk about “Human Facilitator Processes“; what actually does a real one look like? The best documented example of a human process is provided by the OMG known as the “Trouble Ticket” scenario. 98-02-09_original_scenario.pdf, also see 98-03-10-TroubleTicket_Nortel.pdf, and … Continue reading

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A Methodology for Human Processes

In earlier posts I write about Human “Facilitator” Processes and BPMN & Methodology Agnosticism where I make the point that how you draw a process diagram depends largely on the methodology you use to define the process, as well as … Continue reading

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Human “Facilitator” Processes

In a previous post, I introduced the concept that there are two predominant views of BPM. One view is that of the Automators, who are creating business processes which replace humans by doing the same things that had traditionally been … Continue reading

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Problem with the ‘Omniscient View’

This is another in a series of posts discussing why it is time to move beyond the process model.  The last two posts were about BPMN and CMMN respectively, however the actual problem is deeper.  Even if you found the … Continue reading

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How BPMN Misses the Target

One bright hope for business process modeling, developed between 2003 and 2010, was the standard known as Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). This would be the way to model businesses!  But today, most people use a simple flowchart in … Continue reading

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Models and Organizations Don’t Mix

This another installment in the series pointing out the problems with using a hand-drawn business process model.  The last post was how a business process model fails in the promise to be easier than programming.  Even if you get past … Continue reading

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RPA / BPM Implementation Strategy

There is a broad misconception that RPA about “business process” by itself. I have heard people say that they were going to switch from BPM to RPA. That is strange because the capabilities are quite different. It makes sense to … Continue reading

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Usability is a Factor in Security

I am going once again through data security training.  That is not in itself bad, but the misguided and outdated recommendations propagate misinformation.  Security is very important, but why can’t the “security” experts learn?

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