Notes from Keynote at Agile 2009

Find the complete talk, audio/video by Alistair Cockburn with slides on the InfoQ site. I am spending a lot of time on Agile Software Development techniques, and this talk presents a number of important concepts, so I am posting my notes here to help others looking for good materials on Agile software engineering. Continue reading

Process Language, Agility, and Fitness

When designing a business process, you need to design for change, because business is always changing and agility depends upon the ability to change.  Once you understand that change is a constant part of business, you know that the business process you design today is not going to remain static.

If you are going to design for change, it is important to pick the right language.  If you pick the wrong language, then change will be very difficult.  We say that a language is a good language Continue reading

Model Strategy, Round-Trip & Agile Development

We often talk about the process “round trip”. The process lifecycle is explicitly about moving the process through different people with different specializations. The business analyst draws a high-level model and the systems integrator includes details for connecting the systems. Another dynamic is the continual process improvement that occurs when you assess how effective the current process is, make a change at the high level, and take that change through the lifecycle again. Continue reading

Is the BPMN/BPEL Debate a Dead Horse?

Bruce Silver’s latest post “Reframing the BPMN vs BPEL Debate” calls to question whether it is worth continued discussion of the definition of BPM. Like most of Bruce’s posts, it is insightful and well worth reading. This is in response to a post by Boris Lublinsky on “BPEL: Who Needs It Anyway?

I am a little surprised by Bruce’s response,  Continue reading