Hello world!

Alright, this is my first post.  Frankly,  I have looked into a number of blogging software sites, and I am not sure which one I want to use.  But someone else I know uses this one, so I am trying it.

Goals:  the purpose of this blog is to comment on what I see in the enterprise software field, with the possible result of making things better.  I want to complain!  I am just not satisfied with what I see.  I know things could be so much better, if we can just get our act together and do something about it.  I get kinda grumpy sometimes.  I am always encouraged by the following quote:

“A reasonable person adapts themselves to the world around them.  An unreasonable person refuses to adapt, and tries to change the world to fit them.  For this reason, all advances depend upon unreasonable people.”

I am unreasonable about a lot of things.  Like spelling for instance.  Why do I have to type “through” when “thru” does the job just as well.  But I don’t have any delusion about being able to improve the language.  Instead I focus on my area of expertice which is enterprise software.  The current buzz word is “Service Oriented Architecture” and “Business Process Management”.  I sure there will be many more buzz words over time.  My focus is on helping people to be more effective at their work.  This could include work done on computers using software, but it can also include simply coordinating work done without a computer.

I don’t claim to have any special secret insight into how to clean the entire high tech mess up, but I do think that small incremental improvements in the right direction will eventually get us there.  I figure, if we share these ideas, eventually there will be enough critical mass that these new ideas will be adopted.  If the idea makes sense, and often it is not entirely clear.  So that is what the blog is for, and I guess we will see if I like this one enough to keep it going.

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