Links for June 18

Just links today…

  • Review of Mastering the Unpredictable: Surpasses All Expectations

    Jim DeLong’s very complimentary review gives some helpful insight into what a reader can expect to get out of reading the book. Favorite quote: “Using ACM requires various degrees of “MacGyver” attitude. ”

  • Semantic Business Process Management – Part one

    “the foundation of social bpm is the ability to structure a network of processes, such as a social network like facebook.” Touches on a lot of interesting topics, but hard to follow, partially due to the writer not being English native speaker.

  • Advanced Case Management and BPM: Are they the same?

    IBM’s position on case management as a technique to help automate processes which are otherwise difficult to automate. But he assumes that you are going to use BPM technology in the first place, and misses the idea that case management might be used when you have no process, and you do no use a BPM Suite at all.

  • Lots of good discussion on Case Management

    A couple of links from Tom Shepherd.

  • Case Management is ECM, not BPM

    Makes a really good point: why is everyone getting ACM and BPM confused, when ACM is really a lot closer to Enterprise Content Management. I feel that ECM is a big part of ACM — the situation and status must be represented and this is often done with documents and other artifacts — but there is additional aspects not normally included: representation of goals to be achieved. Also, a case is not necessarily itself an artifact (like a book, report, message, white paper, etc), but it is a project which is exists in many cases purely as a concept until use a CM system to represent and track the project. Adam is correct though: it is pretty easy to add this to an ECM system.

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