Webinar on Automated Process Discovery

I am presenting a webinar today on Automated Process Discovery to the American Society for Quality,  an organization for professionals around Lean, 6 Sigma, and other methods for improving quality.  I will be talking about how Automated Process Discovery can help organization improve quality.

Imagine if you were able to map the work-flows across any organization automatically, non-obtrusively, and non-evasively – and with 100% accuracy! Think of the implications: no more distorted perspectives of how an organization believes work actually flows, no interpretations based on perspectives, no bickering between process stakeholders – there is only truth.

One of the tenets of lean is the notion of developing sensory perception. The concept of takt time originated because lean practitioners learned to see that any flows that were either faster or slower than the heartbeat of a manufacturing process indicated that there was a problem. But today lean principles are being applied to virtual work-flows.

How do we visualize work flowing though a transactional system? Well, the exciting news is that we can!


4 thoughts on “Webinar on Automated Process Discovery

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  4. Very nice post. I like the idea of an iterative aprcpaoh. Not only to understand better about the actual process but to find the right balance between structure and freedom. A challenge we are facing is how to make the tool valuable by providing visibility and rigor, without making the tool so difficult to use that no one adopts.

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