May BPM Events

The next BPM event will be happening May 21 through 24 in the Washington DC area at the Transformations and Innovation conference.

It starts with one day workshop on May 21 on “BPM in Practice: Understanding and Implementing Workflow and Business Process Management” given by key members of WfMC. To be covered are:

  • BPM 101
  • BPM and Enterprise Architecture
  • Human BPM compared to EAI Processes
  • Business Process Analytics
  • BPMN overview
  • XPDL overview
  • BPEL overview
  • Wf-XML overview
  • Summary and open questions

It is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the BPM space for those new to the subject and wanting to get their bearings, and also for those familiar with the subject who want to big a bit deeper through direct interactions with the people who have been working on the standards. See the brochure.

Also BPM Focus will be there with a session on Enterprise Architecture.

I just got my copy of the 2007 issue of the Workflow Handbook, and this looks to be the best issue yet.

1 thought on “May BPM Events

  1. I will be there to do two things (neither of which I would describe as EA).

    First a one day course Ensuring BPM Project Success (putting it another way, how to run a BPM project without getting egg on your face).

    The second thing is the BPM Process Modeling Fundamentals course which is all about BPMN and a complementary modeling technique (Role Activity Diagrams) on May 24th and 25th. If you are interested in this, then there are only a few places left so get going and register.

    BTW Keith, I would welcome the opportunity to come and join your conversation on BPDM and XPDL on the 22nd.

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