“BPM In Practice” in San Diego

On March 26, 2009 I will be participating in another “BPM in Practice” seminar in San Diego. This full day event will explore workflow and BPM from a number of different points of view. We start with the basic, advance quickly to the new enterprise architecture, and from there explore 5 key standards and how they might or might not be applicable. While there is an organized presentation, the sessions are generally intimate enough that we can have a discussion on any side topic that the audience wants to go into.This time I will have a new section on “Model Preserving Strategy“, what that means, plus updates on BPAF and Workcast, the two newest protocols for distributed processes. If you are in town for the Gartner BPM Summit, stay an extra day and get the full story. And who can resist an extra day in San Diego?

There is a brochure with all the details. The standard message is below:

In a full-day intensive session, participants will receive an understanding of the core issues surrounding BPM, including both the benefits and business impact of BPM, as well as the relevant industry standards. Software and application agnostic, appropriate for anyone considering or implementing BPM, as well as consultants and software developers.

Agenda at a Glance

  • Workflow, BPM, and The New Enterprise Architecture
  • BPMN & XPDL Overview
  • Lunch, Open Discussion and Technology Demonstrations
  • Work Distribution and Run-Time Integration
  • Leveraging Process Data Mining & Analytics
  • Model Portability Overview and Goals
  • Compliance Testing and Tools
  • Q&A, Open Discussion

2 thoughts on ““BPM In Practice” in San Diego

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