Model Strategy Slidecast

I gave a presentation on the Model Preserving Strategy / Model Transforming Strategy comparison at the conference in Washing DC on Jun 19.  I have put the slides on SlideShare and for the first time I figured out how to attach an audio track to make it a “SlideCast“.  An experiment at this point, but it seems easier than video.  Let me know if you think this works well or not.

Good advice to avoid process micromanagement from Anatoly Belychook with his post on a Process Anti-pattern: One Man Show.   A process should include things are relevant to the group, and avoid all things that are not.

Don’t miss next week’s Virtual BPM Tech Show on July 7 thru 9.  It is a good way to get some real details on how different products work — all from your regular desk chair.  (While you are there, be sure to ask whether the products take a Model Preserving Strategy or not.  🙂

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