2012 ACM Live Virtual Summit

Tom Koulopoulos of the Delphi Group is planning another Adaptive Case Management Virtual Summit for first week of June 2012.  This is the second of three significant ACM events planned for this coming year.

I don’t yet see the detailed agenda yet of the event — that announcement is still yet to come.  It is not my intention to scoop the announcement, but what I do know is that that we are planning to announce the winners of the 2012 International ACM Awards at this event.

Last year’s event featured one-on-one interviews with many top speakers on Adaptive Case Management as well as a keynotes by Jim Champy and Tom K himself.   Also, we announced the winners of the 2011 ACM Awards there as well.  Because the entire two day event is virtual, it is easy to attend from anywhere. And all the talks and presentations were video recorded and so they can still be viewed now, on demand.  I felt the event was well organized and represented a solid way for people to become much more knowledgeable about Adaptive Case Management.

I will update this entry when I have more specifics about this event.


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