ACM Awards 2013

We are launching the third annual Adaptive Case Management Global Excellence Awards for 2013.  If you have an example of technology to support unpredictable collaboration, it is time NOW to get an abstract filed. You then have 2 months to get the final write up completed.  Don’t delay. Continue reading

Case Management: Contrasting Production vs. Adaptive

While participating in discussions of case management, and while reviewing the submissions to the ACM Excellence Awards, I see two distinct approaches to case management — one approach called Adaptive Case Management (ACM), and a different approach which meets an entirely different need which we should call Production Case Management (PCM). This is an excerpt from the new book summarizing the winners of this year’s ACM Excellence Awards.  This chapter explains the difference, and how these fit into a spectrum of process technologies.

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ACM Awards Finalists

The WfMC announced the finalists in the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management.  The actual awards will be announced and presented on June 6th at the ACM Live online event.  If you are interested in how use cases were selected, I have included the criteria below that was used to measure each case.  These criteria form a good guideline for what an ACM product should ultimately be able to do. Continue reading