BPM Awards and other links

BPM Awards notice and few important links for the end of August.

BPM Excellence Awards

  • The 2012 awards process is again underway.  This is an excellent place to highlight case studies of innovative uses of BPM — don’t miss out because it comes up quickly:
    • Submission Deadline: September 24, 2012
    • Finalists Announced: October 17, 2012
    • Awards Ceremony: November 2012

The book with all the case studies from the 2012 ACM Excellence Awards now has a title.

  • It will be called “How Knowledge Workers Get Things Done: Real-World Adaptive Case Management” (sorry no promotional link yet) and it will be launched at the Forrester Forum in October.  Beyond the case studies, it includes a dozen new chapters from Frank Michael Kraft, Hajo Normann, Keith Harrison-Broninski, Alberto Manuel, John Matthias, Dermot McCauley, Nathaniel Palmer, Max Pucher, Keith Swenson, and Charles Webster.

New book available

PEHRS Webinar September 13.

  •  Sponsored by the Professional Exchange of HR Solutions, I will be speaking on the subject of Adaptive Case Management and how this would effect the field of Human Resources.
    Topics Include:

    •  Why empowering knowledge workers is the management challenge of the 21st century.
    • How ACM offers sanity in a Dropbox, App Store, LinkedIn world.
    • Why decisions must be made with increasing autonomy in unforeseen, unplanned, and impromptu ways.
    • How to be prepared; what steps you should be taking today to prepare a workforce for this challenge.

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