AdaptiveCM Events for 2014

2014 will be a bustling year for events around Adaptive Case Management, so get these on your calendar:

  • WfMC Case Management Awards – call for papers in January, abstracts due March 20, final paper a month later.  Go ahead and submit an abstract now to get some early advice and guidance on the final submission.  This is the fourth year for the series, and awards will be announced at the BPM/ACM event in DC in June and published in a book.  Last year’s book is available now: Empowering Knowledge Workers
  • BPM NextMarch 25-27 will cover a broad range of future directions for process technology.  Don’t miss this technologist oriented meeting in Asilomar, one of the most scenic stretches of California coast.
  • BPM and Case Management Global Summit Washington DCJune 16-18, The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City will actually be the first major trade show significantly about case management, also the location of the Case Management Awards Announcements.
  • AdaptiveCM 2014 Workshop – Sept 1 or 2, Ulm Germany, located at the EDOC2014 conference is the “3rd International Workshop on Adaptive Case Management and other non-workflow approaches to BPM”   Submission deadline April 8.
  •  BPM 2014Sept 7-11 in Haifa Israel continues to be a steady source of research in new directions for process technology, and this year they invited me to give a keynote speech on Adaptive Case Management.
  • iBPMS – Sept 29-Oct 2. Chicago, which this year will have a special day dedicated to banking and finance oriented BPM.
  • BBC2014November 2-6, Ft Lauderdale is a Business Architecture oriented event which includes discussion of alternate forms of process technology, and WfMC will present a workshop.

Mark these down now.  There is plenty of opportunity to meet and discuss Adaptive Case Management with other experts in this coming year.   Please let me know (in a comment) of any and all other significant events that I did not include.

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