Initial DMN Test Results

The initial Decision Model Notation TCK test results are in!   The web site is up showing the results from three vendors.

Tests of Correctness

There are currently 52 tests which require a conforming DMN implementation to read a DMN model in the standard DMN XML-based file format.   Along with the model are a set of input values, and values to compare the outputs to.  Everything is a file so that not matter what technology environment the DMN requires, it need only read the files and run the models.

The results of running the tests are reported back to the committee by way of a simple CSV file.  The three vendors who have done this to date are Red Hat with the DROOLS rules engine, Trisotech with their web based models which also leverages the DROOLS implementation, and Camunda with their Camunda BPM.   It is worth mentioning that one more implementation has been involved to verify and validate the tests created by Bruce Silver but not included in the results since it is not commercialized.

What we all get from this is the assurance that an implementation really is running the standard model in a standard way.  This can help you avoid a costly mistake of adopting a technology that takes you down a blind alley.

Open Invitation

This is an open invitation for anyone working the DMN space:

  • If you are developing DMN technology, you can take the tests for free and try them out.  When your implementation does well, send us the results and we can put you on the board to let everyone know.
  • If you are using DMN from someone vendor, ask them if they have looked at the tests, and if not, why not?

The tests are all freely available, and there are links from the web site directly to the test models and data.


I certainly want to acknowledge the hard work of people at Red Hat, Trisotech, Camunda, Open Rules (who will be releasing their results soon), Bruce Silver, and several others who made this all come about.


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