bxModeller: Open Source BPMN / XPDL

The title pretty much says it all.  This is another BPM process modeler which represents a process in BPMN, and then saves and exchanges those diagrams using XPDL. I have not been able to actually try it out yet, nor inspected any screen shots in detail. From the associated information pages, it appears to be AJAX based which would allow it to be easily used by a team without substantial installation.

Overview information is available at:

With so much good work coming from Italy these days, I really really wish I was in Milan this week, at the BPM 2008 conference.  🙂

4 thoughts on “bxModeller: Open Source BPMN / XPDL

  1. I agree with Sandy Kemsley. The conference was great. I also tried to organize with Nathaniel Palmer a WfMC meeting at my university… I hope we could meet again soon. It was a pleasure working with you last April.

  2. I agree that this sounds great.

    The web based version provided from .it does not work.

    A good option is also TIBCO Business studio 3.0 Community edition. It uses XPDL 2.

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