Social BPM Update

For the record, I am not a big fan of the buzz term “Social BPM” but there is no denying that is capturing a lot of mind-share in recent weeks.  Still, I am looking forward to the Social BPM TweetJam in tomorrow, on July 21, 11:45 Eastern time, and here is a refresher on recent posts on the topic.

Here is a link to Information about the TweetJam.   Clay Richardson will be leading the discussion, and most of the authors of “Social BPM: Work, Planning and Collaboration Under the Impact of Social Technology” will be participating.  In order to participate, all you need to do is search/follow the hashtag #SocialBPM on July 21 starting at 11:45 Eastern time, and be prepared to ask questions.

Among the hot topics to be discussed:

  • What does “Social BPM” mean?
  • What are the key trends for Social BPM?
  • Who in an organization should care about Social BPM? Why?
  • What are some specific examples of Social BPM?
  • How are social tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare impacting professionals and organizations?
  • What is the primary benefit that an enterprise gets by using Social BPM? How about a manager?
  • How do you measure success in a Social BPM implementation?
  • What are some best practices for getting started with Social BPM?

6 thoughts on “Social BPM Update

    • Hi Alberto,
      I agree that Social BPM is quite a simplistic buzzword and I’m not sponsoring it as such.
      What I like of the discussions related to this topic is the attempt to address the hidden and informal part of the enterprise expertise that classical BPM and enterprise design do not cover. That’s the potential I see and I would like to achieve. Then, if we find another name for it (or even if we don’t name it) I’m happy anyway (and in case we will change the payoff of our new project 😀 ).

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