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Is Management becoming Unnecessary?

Harold Jarche has a controversial slide cast this week titled “Subversive thoughts” which explores the relationship between the trends for supporting knowledge work, and the role of management as it is traditionally defined.

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AIIM2102 Dion Hinchcliffe Keynote

Dion Hinchcliffe has been a luminary in the social technology space, however with this talk “Mobility First: New Opportunities” he has shifted into being an evangelist for mobile computing.  For a very good reason: the shift to mobile computing is … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 Conf – Notes

A number of really good talks this week at Enterprise 2.0 conference in Santa Clara.  I took notes at a few, and here are my *very* rough summaries.

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John Hagel on Social Technology Adoption

John Hagel III co-author of the book “The Power of Pull” was invited on stage for a discussion with Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO of BroadVision about how companies are (or are not) adopting of social technologies at the Enterprise 2.0 … Continue reading

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Failure is Essential to Knowledge Work

Max Pucher made an excellent post on “The Value of Failure” touching on a theme I have seen echoed around a bit lately.  Knowledge work is not predictable.  A professional will learn to do the right thing in the right … Continue reading

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Bring Your Own ACM to Work

Yesterday’s post was about workers will use personal clouds to organize their information, their personal devices, for both home and work life.   This is a general trend I am seeing toward personal services in the Internet that represent a given … Continue reading

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Social Business Doesn’t Mean What You Think

Just a quick post about an excellent article: “Social Business Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does, Neither Does Enterprise 2.0” by  Deb Lavoy arguing that these are not technological trends, but rather cultural trends.

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