A New Year’s Wish for Taxes

Happy new 2023 everyone.

As we enter the new year, one thing has been bothering me for years: Shockingly, we tax active income at a higher rate than for passive income. Everything of value in our culture comes from active income. This year I have only one request: please understand what a bad idea this is.

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14 Tips for Creating Group Memory

Running a volunteer group can feel sometimes like the Greek mythical Sisyphus: just when you get everyone up to date and knowledgeable about what you are doing, people leave and new people join and you have to start all over again. An effective group memory can help. There are many things a new member needs to know in order to integrate quickly. Some people are shy about asking questions which can lead them to contribute with an inaccurate understanding of what has and has not already been done.

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Finding a Good Meeting Time

The decision to call a meeting is separate from the decision of when to hold that meeting.  When calling a meeting, you usually have some idea who needs to be there.  Given this, you then go through a process to determine the best time for those people.   Here is how to do it in WeaverContinue reading

Effective Email Notifications

Every collaborative system needs some way to notify people of things that need attention. Email is by far the most ubiquitous option for reaching out to people.  Done well, email is an effective way to draw people in to work they need to do.  Done poorly, and the email is an annoying waste.   What is needed to do it well? Continue reading

Develop for Self-Managed Organizations

Here is a message from my friend, Robert Gilman, about participating with us on an open source platform for supporting a sociocratic organization.  It is the most interesting thing I have been involved in for years. Continue reading

To link or not to link

Google assumes that if you make a link to a site, then that is a worthwhile link to remember. Your link is a “vote” in increasing the popularity of that page in the search results. When a page contains false or misleading information, you don’t want to make that page easier to find. That is where DoNotLink comes in. Continue reading