Updates for November

Two webinars, an interview/podcast, and a number of relevant links — all in the past couple of weeks.  Here are the links

Interview Podcast for PEX Week this coming January 2014

I will be attending PEXWeek, and Fujitsu will sponsor WfMC to give an elaborate 3 hour tutorial on BPM, AdaptiveCM, process analytics, and more.  Details later, but we recorded this interview as part of the promotion in advance.  Diana Davis asked questions about knowledge workers and how to improve their productivity.

Podcast: Improving the productivity of knowledge workers

Transcript: Improving the productivity of knowledge workers: Interview with Fujitsu’s VP R&D Keith Swenson

Webinar for Case Management

This is an updated presentation on case management including some new material developed in the past could of months.  Access the recording at: “Fujitsu Software Interstage Business Operations Platform: Strengthen Organizational Agility with the Latest Advances in Case Management”  (free registration required, white paper on the state of the art in case management is included with the presentation)

Webinar for Human Resources

Roy Altman invited Anne Rozinat of of Fluxicon, David Arella of 4Spires, and me to participate in a panel webinar on the subject about how “the evolution of Human Resources Technology is finally moving toward the needs of the Knowledge Worker. A new branch of Business Process Management, called Adaptive Case Management, is making its way into the mainstream. PEHRS presents these industry leaders to introduce and discuss how HR Knowledge Workers can reap the benefits.

I will try to find a link to the recording of the webinar and post it here.  However, I also made a recording of my part of the talk, and I have put it together with the slides on SlideShare below.

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