Case Management Mentor Meeting

The “Adaptive Case Management Mentor Camp” has just been announced.  This will be a meeting of minds for people interested in learning effective techniques for using case management for knowledge work.  It is right after the BPM 2010 conference, at the same venue, symbolically representing ACM as the next thing after BPM.

Why focus on mentors? We expect that case management is an approach that will be used by everybody.  While 40% of the working population are considered knowledge workers, that just means that their primary work is knowledge work, and they will use case management a lot.  Others are likely to still use case management techniques occasionally to varying degrees.  While everyone will be using it, very few of those will see it as the primary function of what they do.  Everyone uses word processors, but who goes to a meeting about word processing?  Everyone uses email, but who goes to a meeting about how to use email?  Mentors (and the alternative term coaches) are people who are interested in how to make people more effective at their work.  A mentor needs to understand not just that case management us used, but need to understand why it works well, when it works well, and how to use it effectively to get the most.  A mentor is someone who needs to know specialized information that is not available elsewhere.

Many potential mentors today see the limitations of using email and document management to coordinate knowledge work. You know who you are, because you are looking for something better.  You are probably reading this blog, because you are wondering if adaptive case management might be a possible approach to make work more efficient.  You are concerned of working patterns not just of yourself, but of others in your organization or in your field.  You have read the books, but the only way to get the real information about experience is to network and meet with others like you.

Why structure this as a camp? This is a leading edge topic, and there exists no formalized curriculum or organized list of things to learn.  We did not want to have vendors presenting their pitches and theories about how things work.  We wanted to get together and collectively derive derive the important topics.  We want a place where individual who are leading the charge can share real world experiences.  We wanted to leave the list of questions open to the participants, to break out of the pre-defined molds of the thinking of previous years.  It is not just that we are too lazy to make an agenda, but we also wanted to leave open the possibility to incorporate the very latest ideas from the attendees.

Can you predict what will happen? Of course not.  The exact topics will depend very much on who attends, and what occurs in the days leading up to the camp.  But we are not worried.  We are all knowledge workers.  We are used to having to deal with the fact that some things are not predictable.  What we can anticipate is a unique opportunity to meet and learn about the latest things happening in this field.  Come join!  It is sure to be an interesting conversation at the very least, and most likely a chance to dedicate a day to stretch your understanding of how we will all be working in the future.  If we see the need for an organization to support case management mentors, then it might just be that this is the beginning of an ongoing organization.

Visit “Adaptive Case Management Mentor Camp” and follow the links there to sign up.

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