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I liked the recent post from Silvie Spreeuwenberg when she asks “When to combine decisions, case management and artificial intelligence?

She correctly points out that “pre-defined workflow” are useful only in well defined scripted situations, and more and more knowledge workers need to break out of these constraints to get things done.  She points to Adaptive Case Management.

I would position it slightly differently.  The big push today is “Digital Transformation” but it is exactly what she is talking about:  you are combining aspects of traditional process management, with unstructured case management, separating out decision management, and adding artificial intelligence.

I would go further to say that Digital Transformation Platform (DXP) would need all that plus strong analytics, background processing agents, and robotic process automation. These become the basic ingredients that are combined for specific knowledge worker solution.  I think Spreeuwenberg has rightly expressed the essence of an intuitive platform of capabilities to meet the needs of today’s business.

She closes saying he will be talking at the Institute of Risk Management — once again the domain of knowledge workers: risk management.

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