Call for Papers: Social BPM

The 2011 BPM and Workflow Handbook will have a special topic of how business process is related to social technology.  This series of handbooks is always filled with interesting and useful information, and especially this one since the the intersection of business and social is such a hot topic today.  The paper does not have to be about a traditional BPM system.  Instead, any topic that brings business processes — people working in an office place for the purpose of achieving business goals — together with social technology of any form.

I have had such a busy couple weeks that I procrastinated in getting an blog post on this.  The deadline was Feb 3 for a proposal, but it is not too late.  I feel sure that if you get a proposal in right away (just a paragraph or two) it will still be accepted for consideration.  See the instructions.  All entries will be reviewed and you will be notified by Feb 16 whether your proposal is accepted or not.  The paper then needs to be submitted by March 15, in order for the book to be published in May.

I hope this volume will be filled with all the best information on the subject of Social BPM.  Now, I gotta go submit my proposal…..

2 thoughts on “Call for Papers: Social BPM

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