5 Opportunities in the Process Space for 2015

There are 5 key opportunities to participate in process space (BPM and ACM) in the next few months, and the deadlines are coming up, so don’t delay, and don’t miss out.

1. Book:  BPM EVERYWHERE: Going Beyond Basic BPM

The call for papers for chapters in this book is out and the deadline is now.  which is going to cover all aspects of how the Internet of Things and BPM come together.  In less than 5 years, the majority of customer interactions will no longer be person-to-person or over even the phone, but through engagement via intelligent agents, and increasingly between the agents themselves. Analytics will drive an ever-growing number of decisions, not as historic reports but rather through real-time support on mobile and wearable devices. Robots once hidden among warehouses and on the factory floor will become the fastest growing sector of the workforce, participating in a vast array of knowledge worker processes.   Got some good ideas about this?  Put what you know to paper and include in this promising book which will be launched in April.  Proposals due Jan 15, 2015 but if you do it immediately there might still be availability.

2. Adaptive CM Workshop – Aug 31, 2015

This marks the fourth year that this full day Workshop on Adaptive Case Management and other non-workflow approaches to BPM.  This year it will be held in Innsbruck Austria on Aug 31, 2015 in conjunction with the BPM 2015 conference.   Past workshops have been the premier place to publish rigorously peer reviewed scientific papers on the groundbreaking new technologies.  See the call for papers.   Submission abstracts are due 22 May 2015, full text on 29 May 2015 and notification to authors 29 June.

3. ACM Awards

The WfMC will be running another ACM awards program to recognize excellent use of case management style approaches to supporting knowledge workers.  The awards are designed to help show how flexible, task tracking software is increasingly used by knowledge workers with unpredictable work patterns.  Winners are recognized on the hall of fame site (see sample page highlighting a winner) and in a ceremony at the BPM and Case Management Summit in June. Each winning use case is published so that others can know about the good work you have been doing, and can follow your lead.  This series of books is the premier source of best practices in the case management space.  Submit proposals and abstracts now for help and guidance in preparing a high quality entry, and final submission due April 2015.

4. BPM Next – March 30, 2015

The meeting of the gurus in the BPM space.  This is where the leaders of the industry come together to discuss evolving new approaches, and to help understand the leading trends.  The engineering-oriented talks are required to have a demo of actual running code to avoid imaginative, but unrealistic, fantasies.  This year the presentations will all start with an “Ignite” presentation which has exactly 20 slides and lasts exactly 5 minutes to reign in the guru’s natural tendency for lengthy and wordy presentations.  The program is already set however attendee registration is still open.  This year it will be held in a new location on the California coast:  the quaint old-town of Santa Barabara.

5. BPM and Case Management Global Summit – June

The premier independent industry show for the full range of process technologies.  Many of last year’s attendees described this as the best, most informative, conference on BPM and ACM that they had ever seen.  It’s the second year to be held at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC, June 22-24 2015 and it promises to be bigger and better.    The call for papers abstract deadline is February 28, 2015, with final acceptance/commitment in March.

If you have been doing work in the process space — implementing customer systems, researching new technologies, developing new products — these are all excellent opportunities to share your expertise and show your leadership.  But don’t delay.  Remember those New Year’s resolutions … and register now so you don’t miss the deadline.

Also, don’t forget.  Signup to receive for free the first chapter of “When Thinking Matters in the Workplace.

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