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For Those on the Fence…

Tim O’Reilly put together an excellent summary: “Why I Support Barack Obama“.  Said far better than I ever could.

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Directly Executing BPMN

The article “Why BPEL is not the holy grail for BPM” presents a scenario for implementation which is difficult for BPEL based products to actually execute. It presented a particular product based on BPEL that was not able to execute … Continue reading

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Finally a well considered and detailed article on the limitations of the approach to BPEL. There are a few vendors who promote BPEL as as the one-and-only-true-way to support BPM. In fact, it is good for some things, but fairly … Continue reading

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Green Software?

This post is about another one those thoughts that occur at the clashing point of several different ideas. I travel a bit, and use the laptop a lot, and it always gets HOT. Laptops today are so smart: the fan … Continue reading

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