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Rise of the Process Wiki

A few weeks ago I became aware of Process Wiki  ( when the founder of the wiki left a comment on one of my blog posts.  I was curious.  Without surprise, the wiki site contains a good collection of example … Continue reading

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The 80% Solution

In a panel session this week at the eBizQ virtual conference (see here and here) I was asked “What common mistake do people make that causes unnecessary delay in BPM projects?”  The answer: Many projects have a goal to implement … Continue reading

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Avoid Mouse Candy

Ah the things you learn from an emergency in-house BPM project deployment. If you think that all parts of a high tech company would be well versed and experienced in their own products, then you probably don’t actually work for … Continue reading

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Process Language, Agility, and Fitness

When designing a business process, you need to design for change, because business is always changing and agility depends upon the ability to change.  Once you understand that change is a constant part of business, you know that the business … Continue reading

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