Mentoring Knowledge Workers

Frank Michael Kraft wrote an interesting piece about “Mentoring in Knowledge Work” today.   He builds a compelling case that mentoring will become a part of the workplace of knowledge workers, in a way that managers are a part of workplace today with more traditional routine work. Continue reading

Is Amazon Too Big for Kindle?

Just received an email from the Amazon DTP, the place you publish books in Kindle format.  In order to practice and learn how this is done last spring, I experimented with one of my earlier books.  Amazon owns the entire process of conversion to Kindle format. Continue reading

Case Management Mentor Meeting

The “Adaptive Case Management Mentor Camp” has just been announced.  This will be a meeting of minds for people interested in learning effective techniques for using case management for knowledge work.  It is right after the BPM 2010 conference, at the same venue, symbolically representing ACM as the next thing after BPM. Continue reading

What if customers ran the process?

Another question from Peter Schoop: “Is the Customer the Boss With Social BPM?” reflecting on the blog post by Doug Mow on “Is the Customer the Boss the Age of Social BPM?”  I thought I would take this to the logical extreme: what if customers ran the processes instead of the vendors? Continue reading

Going Solar

A brief diversion from my normal topics on the benefit of solar energy.

I am getting solar panels installed on the house.  I am not the type to always get the latest gadgets. In spite of being firmly ensconced in the high tech industry, I usually am somewhat conservative in my own use.  Good friends installed solar panels two years ago, and I waited to see how that went.    I did the research, and was surprised to find:

Solar panels are the single best low-risk investment option available today.

Continue reading

Google Wave: no effect on BPM & ACM

The question posed was, “What does the passing of Google Wave mean for BPM and ACM”?  When Wave was announced, I was personally very interested, and am sad to see its demise.  I suspect however, that Wave has made its mark, and that mark will continue to influence design for many years to come — among those who understood what it was. Continue reading

ACM Links for Aug 2010

Some say that ACM is just BPM except with unstructured processes. That is like saying starvation is like eating, except without any food.

While doing a review of the tweet-jam coverage, it hit me that many people want so much to categorize all work as being process oriented, that when they see work that does not fit that mold, they invoke something called an “unstructured process”.  It is fine to talk about unstructured (or unpredictable processes) but you should not think that an unstructured process acts in any way like a structured one. Continue reading

ACM Tweet Jam Summary Part 2 of 3

We held a tweetjam on the subject of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) on July 15.  It is going to take me three posts to get this all in.  See Part 1. This post contains part 2 which contains the bulk of the discussion of how ACM relates to BPM: is it different, and how? Continue reading