Is Lisbon the place for Business Process Innovation?

Alberto Manuel pushed the boundaries of business process support in his new conference in Lisbon Portugal on April 18, 2013.  It was not the typical rehashing of “this standard, that formalism, see the life-cycle, marvel at the sophisticated architecture diagrams”. Instead, he set out to challenge the audience to think not about where we are today, but where this is all taking us, and what might it become. Continue reading

Is Micromanagement a necessary part of BPM?

This tidbit of advice (in a list among others) was sent around to managers at my company recently:

Stop micromanaging. Micromanagement is a sign of mistrust. You hired them for a reason. If you don’t trust they will get the job done then by all means, either find people who you think will, or leave them alone to do their jobs.

This is good advice for almost all teams, and certainly for knowledge workers.  But isn’t micromanagement exactly what BPM is all about?  Maybe, maybe not. Continue reading