Web 2.1: How OpenID will rescue Web 2.0

I am a self acknowledged “Site Registration Hater” (SRH). I hate registering at web sites. The whole concept behind Web 2.0 is collaboration: the content comes from individual contributors and we build the web together. But every single place where you want to make a contribution, you have to register as a “user” of that site. Continue reading

BPM and SOA — Different Sides of the Same Coin

Here is a link to a podcast inteview on the subject of BPM and SOA — Different Sides of the Same Coin addressing these questions:

  • What new developments in the BPM space should companies be looking out for in the next 12 months?
  • Increasingly, I’ve been hearing the words BPM and SOA used together a lot. How come?
  • What are your thoughts on BPM Centers of Excellence? Do they or can they make a difference?