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Taiichi Ohno Reinterpreted

Taiichi Ohno is credited with the creation of the Toyota just-in-time production system, and his book “Toyota Production System: Beyond Large Scale Production”  is a surprisingly good read even today when many of these principles are considered well established. My … Continue reading

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Putting Your Toys Away

You know that book on how everything important is learned in Kindergarten?  Along that same line, before I got into Kindergarten, my mother taught me to that if I put my toys away, I will be able to find them … Continue reading

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Process Improvement: Informed & Lean

I could call this post “Removing the Risk from Lean Process Improvement” because it starts with the assumption that you want to improve your processes using Lean principles, but you want guidance on how to apply those principles most effectively. … Continue reading

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Human BPM vs. Case Management, Summit Nov 3

There might be three distinct kinds of process support necessary: 1) System Centric Processes 2) Human Centric Processes 3) Knowledge Worker Processes

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26 Hints for Agile Software Development

I collect nuggets of wisdom on various topics. Recently I have been going over the topic of Agile software development; what really matters?  Below is a list of 26 key principles to guide an agile software development team. Get case … Continue reading

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