Intertwingled Collaboration and Communications

I ran across quite an interesting thread on the relationship of communications and collaboration.  While industry has held these as separate topic worthy of separate technologies, there is an argument to be made that they should be viewed as a single topic.  He describes them as “intertwingled” evoking the legendary Ted Nelson of hypertext and Computer Lib fame. Continue reading

Social Network Technology List

I attended a talk last week by Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz on the subject of “Charting your enterprise social strategy”.  Rob has a disturbing way of appearing very casual while at the same time touching on such a broad range of things clearly implying a considerable depth of understanding.  He presented this list of social software players and his take on where each is going. Continue reading

Max Pucher – Leverage Points

At the Forrester Forum 2010: Max Pucher promises to discuss “the future of process management that is goal-oriented and focused on customer outcomes rather than a rigid flow paradigm.”  Max was a contributor to the Mastering the Unpredictable book, so I was interested in finally getting his 30 minute focus on goal orientation.  Continue reading