Searching for BPMN / XPDL Incompatibility

For you who read this blog on occasion, please help.  I am looking for any valid BPMN diagrams that can not be represented as standard XPDL.  Many people understand that XPDL is a superset of BPMN, meaning that everything from BPMN can be represented as XPDL, while the converse is not necessarily true.  There are, however, a few vocal opponents who claim that XPDL can not be used to store BPMN.

OK.  Both BPMN and XPDL are complex subjects.  Continue reading

Representing Choice in a Process Diagram

A business process is compsed of activities.  Are those activities of a computer (an automating diagram) or are those activities of people (a facilitating diagram)?  There are places for both kinds of diagrams in making organizations run better, and BPMN is a notation designed to support both as well.  To support facilitation diagrams well, there is one key thing that is missing: a way to denote a “choice“. Continue reading