BPM Makes the Workplace More Stressful

Admittedly, a controversial title, but stay with me.  In the end you will see that this is a natural outcome of BPM being successful, and not any kind of flaw.  I discussed this concept with many people at the BPM 2010 conference.  The response was often surprise.

It is really quite simple: Continue reading

BPMN vs. professionals, 2.0

Last week brought us a vigorous debate about the role of BPMN, where I took the controversial position that “BPMN 2.0 is no longer for Business Professionals“.  Adam Deane collected quotes from the major contributors.  Sandy Kemsley calls it “The Great BPMN Debate of 2010” and her post is a very fair summary of the debate, but missing one important aspect of it:  what is a typical “business professional” and what do they desire? Continue reading