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Q&A for a Software Architect

This morning I was interviewed about being a software architect from the point of view of the general public.  I have copied the questions and the (raw) answers here.

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BPM Makes the Workplace More Stressful

Admittedly, a controversial title, but stay with me.  In the end you will see that this is a natural outcome of BPM being successful, and not any kind of flaw.  I discussed this concept with many people at the BPM … Continue reading

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BPM 2010 Keynote

I just sat through the BPM 2010 keynote speech given by Phil Gilbert which I thought was worth a quick note here. He was asked to talk on the future of BPM, but clarified that he would really just focus … Continue reading

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BPMN vs. professionals, 2.0

Last week brought us a vigorous debate about the role of BPMN, where I took the controversial position that “BPMN 2.0 is no longer for Business Professionals“.  Adam Deane collected quotes from the major contributors.  Sandy Kemsley calls it “The … Continue reading

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BPMN 2.0: no longer for Business Professionals

Jim Sinur in his post BPMN for Business Professionals: Burn Baby Burn points strongly to the conclusion that BPMN is simply not suitable for business users.  I am not surprised as this has been a topic of the case management … Continue reading

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