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Throw Away the Process Map, use Status Feedback Instead

For knowledge workers, automating the business process so that the system can “tell them what to do” is the entirely wrong focus for IT system support.  The focus of the system should instead be on presenting to knowledge workers the … Continue reading

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Naive Intervention makes Poor Process Design

Continuing the pattern from my past few post on Antifragile concepts, today consider Naive Intervention, that idea assuming that simple model actually represents a complex system can lead to disastrously bad decisions.

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2nd International Workshop on Adaptive Case Management

We are trying something unusual:  two sets of papers, one set for Vancouver, and one for Austria, will be  combined for judging and will be published in a single combined proceedings for discussion at the two events.  

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Ancient Wisdom teaches Business Processes

Jared Diamond spoke at the Commonwealth Club last month.  I have always been a huge fan of his Pulitzer prize winning book “Guns, Germs, and Steel” as well as “Collapse” and other works.  This talk introduced his new book “The World Until Yesterday: … Continue reading

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