BPMN & Methodology Agnosticism

Stephen White made a comment on my Human “Facilitator” Processes post that deserves highlighting.  You probably know the Stephen was the chairman of the working group that developed BPMN.

The discussion of the different diagrams shown in the post really have nothing to do with BPMN per se, but with the methodologies that would be used to model with BPMN. BPMN is generally methodology agnostic. The way that a process is modeled, to what level of detail, and what information should be captured, is really up to the methodology and the purpose for creating the process model. Continue reading

More on Disabling UI Controls

I have been arguing for years that disabled (greyed-out) menu items and buttons are in general a bad idea because it is impossible for users to know why the associated function is not enabled at the. It is quite frustrating: the user sees a menu command that looks like it might be what is needed, but it is disabled, and there is not at all obvious why it is disabled. Continue reading