Process Reification

John Evdemon makes an informative post about the  Zachman Framework and end up on a discussion of  “process reification” which he explains is the action of converting an abstract process into a concrete, executable process.  Such a conversion is often touted as the Holy Grail of BPM.  While such a conversion is often desired, I would remind the reader that it might be better not to convert in the first place:  A Model Preserving Strategy assures that the designer creates an executable model in the first place, and that the model executed is always what the designer drew.

JP Morganthal makes an important post reminding us to Keep Your SOA and BPM Initiatives SeparateContinue reading

What is Case Management?

So much discussion recently about Case Management, but do we really know what we mean?  Let me collect here some definitions, and then offer my own.  (You will find many of these ideas expanded in full in “When Thinking Matters in the Workplace“)

The Case Management Society of America, a health care oriented professional group, defines case management as: Continue reading