ACM Workshop – Last Call

Due to requests, the deadline for submission of a position paper to the “1st International Workshop on ACM and other non-workflow approaches to BPM” has been extended for a week until June 4. Which means you have just a couple more days to submit a proposal for a discussion topic.  Don’t miss out.  Lots of good posts recently about ACM should provide a lot of good ideas for discussion.  Hope to see you in Talinn in September!

Social Business: Identity and Reputation

Social Software is turning the idea of identity on it head.  Actually this is a trend that has been happening for long time, but it is being thrust into the public consciousness by the desire now to bring social systems into the enterprise: ESS.  It used to be that on the Internet nobody knows you are a dog), but that is changing.  What they do know is your reputation, which becomes your identity. Continue reading

ACM Awards Finalists

The WfMC announced the finalists in the 2012 Global Awards for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management.  The actual awards will be announced and presented on June 6th at the ACM Live online event.  If you are interested in how use cases were selected, I have included the criteria below that was used to measure each case.  These criteria form a good guideline for what an ACM product should ultimately be able to do. Continue reading

Production Case Management vs. Adaptive Case Management

While scanning discussions of Case Management, I am seeing two distinct approaches.  Those familiar with this blog already know of Adaptive Case Management (ACM).  However, there is a different approach which meets an entirely different need.  I call that approach Production Case Management (PCM) and let me explain the difference. Continue reading