Improvising Processes

A post on a Japanese site about ACM got me think again about what it means to handle unpredictable situations.

In Jazz and other genres of music, there is a tradition of improvisation.  That means, there is a section of the piece, where a particular musician is expected to improvise a solo. Continue reading

15 Social Requirements for ACM

A lot of talk about Social BPM recently but definitions vary widely.  My post on “Who is Socializing in Social BPM?” shows that some see it as simply using social network features to accelerate traditional BPM (separation of thinkers and doers) while other (including myself) see the real benefit in how business is transformed by social software. Continue reading

Is Case Management and BPM the same?

Sandy Kemsley gave this presentation on BPM and Case Management hosted by Pega Systems.

Started by saying the Case Management is a hot topic.  Lot of talk about structured proceses is for BPM, and unstructured for dynamic BPM or case management.  But the truth is that many work situations need both. Continue reading

Who is Socializing in Social BPM?

Social Media and Social Software are hot topics, and everyone seems to be pre-pending “social” to their favorite technology or methodology.  So it is with Social BPM.

I must say, I was surprised and slightly disappointed when I learned what the major analysts really mean by Social BPM. Continue reading

Where did I put that major airline merger process definition?

Imagine the folks at United Airlines and Continental Airlines last week as they announced the largest airline merger in history.  Ask yourself a some simple questions:

  • Did they use a BPMN diagram to describe the things that need to be done to accomplish the merger?  If not why not? Continue reading

Eccentric Definitions of BPM

So much discussion of what BPM (Business Process Management) is, what is next, how it is expanding, what it is not.  There are many good people trying seriously to resolve the definition of BPM.  My impression is that they do this fine work in the middle of a sea — actually a maelstrom — of confusion about the term. Continue reading