Kanban for Software Development

Last Wednesday I got a full scale indoctrination into the agile software development methodology called Kanban, loosly based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) mechanism with the same name.  Toyota uses the kanban as a mechanism to allow for just the right amount of parts to be ordered and to be delivered just in time (JIT) in order to avoid overproduction and waste in the production line.  Kanban Software Development Methodology (KSDM) brings the same lean ideas to a development team. Continue reading

Devaluing Email Addresses

Attacking back at the Spammers

Some of my friends and acquaintances know that I am have been experimenting with a new scheme to control spam email.  Like many people, I have had to abandon email addresses in the past due to over-abundance of spam.  When you open a new email address, there is no spam.  But as you continue to use the box, eventually the knowledge that you are actually using a particular email address gets out.  Once your email address becomes known to the spammers there is no sure way to get them to forget it. Continue reading

Cloud Contracts

Down-to-Earth Contracts that Keep the Cloud Aloft – A look at the basic interoperability requirements when communicating with the Cloud,  Keith Swenson & Jacques Durand, Nov 2009

Working together with Jacques Durand, a colleague and expert in the B2B exchange standards space, we put together this article exploring how many of the same standards and agreements necessary today will also be necessary for applications deployed to the cloud.  Just published!

Interstage BPM Version 11 & Cloud

Fujitsu made a couple of press releases last week, announcing two things: a new release of Interstage BPM, Version 11, and our Cloud BPM offering.  This post just contains links to articles on the subject of these announcements.

While there are many small features in the Version 11 release, the two main ones are a significantly extended capabilities in Dynamic BPM and extended tenant management capabilities.  The latter feature helps to support the extended cloud BPM offering which includes a complete BPM design, development, and run-time capability which is free for small teams.

Errors & Learning Opportunities

This button in this situation produces an error report … therefor the button should be disabled.

I question this line of reasoning.  I have observed this reasoning used at all levels, from programmers, to UI designers, to Product managers, and even to customers (users) themselves.  The goal seems to be “protect the user from error messages”.   Some people naively think Continue reading