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Kanban for Software Development

Last Wednesday I got a full scale indoctrination into the agile software development methodology called Kanban, loosly based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) mechanism with the same name.  Toyota uses the kanban as a mechanism to allow for just … Continue reading

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Devaluing Email Addresses

Attacking back at the Spammers Some of my friends and acquaintances know that I am have been experimenting with a new scheme to control spam email.  Like many people, I have had to abandon email addresses in the past due … Continue reading

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Cloud Contracts

Down-to-Earth Contracts that Keep the Cloud Aloft – A look at the basic interoperability requirements when communicating with the Cloud,  Keith Swenson & Jacques Durand, Nov 2009 Working together with Jacques Durand, a colleague and expert in the B2B exchange … Continue reading

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Interstage BPM Version 11 & Cloud

Fujitsu made a couple of press releases last week, announcing two things: a new release of Interstage BPM, Version 11, and our Cloud BPM offering.  This post just contains links to articles on the subject of these announcements. Product Review: … Continue reading

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Errors & Learning Opportunities

This button in this situation produces an error report … therefor the button should be disabled. I question this line of reasoning.  I have observed this reasoning used at all levels, from programmers, to UI designers, to Product managers, and … Continue reading

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