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Laptop on the Cob

Yup, we never stop inventing new stuff here, and to prove it, check out the latest new product: Fujitsu Unveils Laptop Made of Corn. What will we think of next? 🙂 Also seen on

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Get Your HDMI Cable Now

If you don’t have an HD TV yet, you are sure to have one soon. Somewhere I read 50% of households have a digital TV, and I suppose some large fraction of that will be HD. But here is the … Continue reading

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Human Process: Email Voting

The BPMN specification includes a sample process to use as an example of how you would use BPMN to draw the process and how it would then be converted to BPEL. Bruce Silver has suggested that this be used as … Continue reading

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Human Process: Trouble Ticket

With all the talk about “Human Facilitator Processes“; what actually does a real one look like? The best documented example of a human process is provided by the OMG known as the “Trouble Ticket” scenario. 98-02-09_original_scenario.pdf, also see 98-03-10-TroubleTicket_Nortel.pdf, and … Continue reading

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