BPM Philosophy, not Technology

Found another interesting and thoughtful discussion of terminology: Workflow or Process Management. I like the six sided cube analogy, and I agree that BPM includes all those aspects. In this view again “workflow” is equated with the human dimension. The only critique I have of the post is: once you include all 6 facets, is there anything in the technical universe that is NOT BPM? Continue reading

Office Automation 25 Years Later

At the last WfMC committee meeting, we were honored by a visit from Skip Ellis, a luminary in the field for 25 years. Huh? I hear some of you exclaim. There wasn’t any BPM 25 years ago! Let me explain.

During the 1970’s people got the idea that information technology (called simply “computers” back then) could be used to support people at work. The idea is that the computer would figure out what needs to be done, and tell people when they needed to do something, Continue reading

Throw Out the Diagram?

I ran a “Round Table” at the BPM ThinkTank on the subject of BPMN and XPDL. There always is the question: “Why not use BPEL?” Then I explain how XPDL holds the graphical layout, the X & Y coordinates, the size the nodes, the paths of the lines. BPEL has not support for the graphical layout.

“But you don’t need to save the graphical layout!” Continue reading