Got iPhone; still have MP3 player

I recently got an iPhone.  Cool piece of hardware and a lovely system design.  I was hoping that finally I could carry a single device for phone and podcasts, but what a disappointment!

There is a particular podcast that I like.  It is about 50 minutes long, and I have a 25 minute commute each direction.  The show appears on the web site about 2pm every day.  Sometime around 4pm I download the podcast Continue reading

Process Discovery & Mass Personalization

At dinner with Forrester analyst Clay Richardson he mentioned that process support should be less like mass transit trains and buses, and more like a Zipcar.   Both approaches can be seen as a way to solve metropolitan transportation problems; both are more efficient in energey use; both save the consumer money over owning and maintaining (including parking) a private vehicle.  This fits well with ideas I have been trying to communicate Continue reading

XPDL Fully Tipped

In March 2007 I wrote an entry called “The Tipping Point for XPDL” where I mentioned among other things that 8 of the top 11 BPM vendors support XPDL. Since that time XPDL has moved forward by adding support for BPMN 1.2 as well as compatibilities levels and conformance tests.

The vendors have moved forward as well. At the time I listed Adobe, Appian, Oracle (BEA/Fuego), Fujitsu, Global 360, IBM (FileNet), Pegasystems, & TIBCO as supporting XPDL. I was not aware at the time that Savvion had XPDL support. Metastorm added XPDL support in April 2008. And now Lombardi has released support for XPDL (see Bruce Silver). That completes the list. Continue reading

Large-Scale Federated Processes

A presentation that I gave at the Stevens BPM day covered the subject of Large Scale Federated Processes. What is a federated process?

It is a distributed process that spans many servers. Distributed process support might be designed and implemented in a very centralized way: for example a single process application with parts of the application deployed to different machines. This allows the process to be much larger that it might be if limited to a single server, but that really is not the point of federation.

A federated process is a distributed process where the different parts of the process are controlled by different people. Continue reading

Model Strategy Slidecast

I gave a presentation on the Model Preserving Strategy / Model Transforming Strategy comparison at the conference in Washing DC on Jun 19.  I have put the slides on SlideShare and for the first time I figured out how to attach an audio track to make it a “SlideCast“.  An experiment at this point, but it seems easier than video.  Let me know if you think this works well or not.

Good advice to avoid process micromanagement from Anatoly Belychook with his post on a Process Anti-pattern: One Man Show.   A process should include things are relevant to the group, and avoid all things that are not.

Don’t miss next week’s Virtual BPM Tech Show on July 7 thru 9.  It is a good way to get some real details on how different products work — all from your regular desk chair.  (While you are there, be sure to ask whether the products take a Model Preserving Strategy or not.  🙂