Critique of a Knowledge Worker Cockpit

Exactly one year ago, Fred Cummins published a blog post called “A Knowledge Worker Cockpit” which remains today one of the best descriptions of the kind of information system that an active knowledge worker needs to keep on top of unpredictable processes.  Over the year I have started a couple of time to critique the article, and finally here it is.  There is a lot to agree with, but a few things I would suggest differently. Continue reading

BPMN is Incompatible with ACM

What is the role of two-dimensional process graphing for knowledge workers in Adaptive Case Management (ACM)?  It is a given that an ACM system must support some form of process plan.  This post explores how a knowledge worker might specify a process plan, what are the requirements on that means of specifying, and what technical training requirements exist for the workers who specify the processes. Continue reading

ACM Workshop Program Finalized

The First International Workshop on ACM has move through the process of selecting the papers to be presented, and the 2012 program has been published.  We are happy to announce that there were enough high quality papers to make it a full-day workshop.  Below, I have duplicated the program, along with some comments about each of the paper topics. Continue reading