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15 Key Lessons for Managing Complexity

Managing Complexity was the topic for this year’s Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna a few weeks ago.  Complexity overwhelms the old style of command and control management, but the followers of Drucker offer better alternatives.  I wish could have … Continue reading

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Adaptive Work Patterns in SAP Jam

A couple of people alerted me to this announcement by SAP last Monday about their new capability to support work patterns because it parallels in many ways to the message about adaptive case management.

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Plus! The Standard+Case Approach

Rob England published this book “Plus! The Standard+Case Approach: See Service Response in a New Light” earlier this year in New Zealand.  He sent me a copy, and I want to say he makes some very good points.

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Absolutely Self-Managed Workers

Why not get rid of management entirely? That was the thesis of Doug Kirkpatrick’s talk at the Building Business Capability conference this week about the Morning Star Company, a company which has tried the radical approach of being entirely flat, … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding “Permalink” will erode your web marketing efforts

I am constantly amaze that there are people, actively engaged in high tech business who regularly and repeatedly shoot their marketing efforts in the foot because they don’t understand the concept of “permalink”.  I am talking about people who are … Continue reading

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Updates for November

Two webinars, an interview/podcast, and a number of relevant links — all in the past couple of weeks.  Here are the links

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Automation leads to Forgetting

What is the limit of automation?  We often think that automation is limited by the technical ability to construct the automation.  It is not surprising that automation decreases the ability for those people to do the same job manually.   … Continue reading

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