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The Login Test

This post is on the usability of authenticating to a site.  Entering your username and password, what could be complicated about that?  But, surprisingly, so many sites get it wrong.  The “Login Test” is a measure of one specific aspect … Continue reading

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The Fallacy of Flexibility

This article is about software design, and makes the case that flexibility for flexibility sake should never be your goal.  There is a very delicate balance between design and implementation in order to provide both usability and capability when it … Continue reading

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Design, Usability, and Switches

Today’s post is a parable about an unfortunate designer named Pablo who lives in an imaginary universe where physical (construction) projects are like software projects in our universe.  Pablo is frustrated by helpers who don’t understand the principle of “Design … Continue reading

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Social Business

At the Enterprise 2.0 conference this morning, three keynote speakers (from industry) used the term “Social Business” instead of Enterprise 2.0.  This prompted discussion around whether this is a new trend.  Will next year’s conference be called “Social Business Conference?” 

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Business as a Conversation

Received an invitation to attend “COCOA 2010: Workshop on Coordination, Collaboration and Ad-hoc Processes” which will be held on Dec 6th in Palo Alto by a another silicon valley group studying how to support unpredictable processes. 

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