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AIIM2012 Ted Schadler Keynote

Ted Schadler from Forrester spoke on Wednesday at the AIIM Conference in a talk called “Provisioning Today’s Information Worker”  on the subjects of content and mobile.   What follows is my notes on the talk.

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AIIM2102 Dion Hinchcliffe Keynote

Dion Hinchcliffe has been a luminary in the social technology space, however with this talk “Mobility First: New Opportunities” he has shifted into being an evangelist for mobile computing.  For a very good reason: the shift to mobile computing is … Continue reading

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AIIM2012 Clay Shirky Keynote

I was really looking forward to the keynote by Clay Shirky, and I was not disappointed.  The title of his talk was “To Make Sense of Data, First Make Sense of People“.

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Cloud User’s Bill of Rights

Want users to use your cloud-based web site?  Follow these guidelines, so that users can sign up easily and use it.  Sadly, there are soooo many ways that web sites can do this wrong.  The result is a bewildering variety … Continue reading

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Process Analytics Webinar with Sandy Kemsley

I did a web presentation with Sandy Kemsley on the subject of “Crossing the Next Frontier of Business Process Management: Introducing Process Intelligence.” The webcast went well, and I really appreciated Sandy’s clear and accurate descriptions of how process mining … Continue reading

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