Failure is Essential to Knowledge Work

Max Pucher made an excellent post on “The Value of Failure” touching on a theme I have seen echoed around a bit lately.  Knowledge work is not predictable.  A professional will learn to do the right thing in the right situation, but along the way there are going to be some mistakes they learn from.  The key to surviving in the coming decade will be a culture that accepts failure as a path to success. Continue reading

Parent-Teacher-Student Collaboration

Normally I would look for the best examples of coordination technology at the most advanced high tech companies in silicon valley. Doing so would miss one of the best deployments of coordination technology. Who would expect to find it in our public schools?  Continue reading

The Anti-SSL Conspiracy

This post is about secure internet protocols, and mainly about a bizarre phenomenon that prevents us from using SSL security in many situations where it would be useful. What is bizarre is that I don’t think anyone intends it, but there seems to be a natural reaction that leads to less secure systems.  While some might attribute this cynically to element who want to make money, I don’t think that is the real driver in this case.  Instead, it seems to be natural tendency toward the “security purist” who would rather be completely open and unprotected than to be partially safe. Continue reading