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Marriage of Social CRM and ACM

A very interesting post combines the idea of social CRM to communicate to customers, and Adaptive Case Management (ACM) for continual improvement within the enterprise, to for a compelling vision for the enterprise of the future.

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Links for December

I run across all these great posts, and think about making pointers to them, but then time goes by….  Here are a collection of links from mid November till now:

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Social Has No Future (Yet)

This provocative title simply means: In general, social software systems record what is happening now and in the past, but for the most part completely lack any representation of the future. Enterprise Social Software, or Social Business Software, will succeed … Continue reading

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Personal Choices Behind Email Flood

While there is a flood of email in my inbox, what bothers me most is not the volume, but the very fact that most of the volume needlessly filled with unimportant redundant and useless message.   Reflecting on this I find … Continue reading

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Podcast on Collaborative Enterprise

I was interviewed by Diana Davis who is the Editor at IQPC London for Six Sigma & Process Excellence IQ on the subject of “Technology for the Collaborative Enterprise.”  

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The Checklist Manifesto

Written by Atul Gawande, this book outlines the power that a lowly checklist brings to “get things right”.  The book is certainly an interesting read, but it goes beyond that;  if you study how people work, or are tasked to … Continue reading

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